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Design For Cinematic Lighting : ST50 & MT1
Product  Reviews.

These videos showcase the unboxing, setup and testing of the Soonwell Featured Products including FB-21 2' by 1' flexible (fabric) LED panel and B-98V Dual D-tap output broadcast battery.


Soonwell Battery 

4.7 MB


PH70 Power Handle

2.6 MB

Design For BMPCC 4K Power Solution : B-98V & B-250V

SOONWELL TECH CO., LTD is a top-rated designer and manufacturer of cinematographic & photographic equipment, mainly providing lighting and power solutions for photo, TV, broadcast and film industry, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with a high step and fast development since 2009. 

Specializing in high-end camera power supply system (Li-ion battery & charger & accessory), studio lights (Flexible LED Lighting & LED Light Panel), SOONWELL has a high reputation in America, Europe, India, Australia, Japan and other countries.

 Our Mission

To build and develop famous brand, SOONWELL prefers to supplying high quality products with superior service to establish the great reputation, with warehouses worldwide, especially in America and Europe.

SOONWELL is enjoying establishing long term business relationships with more partners, with great advantages of stable raw material suppliers, completed and scientific production line, professional technology and customer-service.