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The best battery for your needs depends on the camera and other equipment you are using. These batteries are extremely versatile but you need to find one that is the right strength to power your equipment.


Soonwell houses intelligent V-Mount battery kits that are perfect for modern broadcast acquisition, video production, and digital cinematography.Soonwell batteries are also compatible with Dual D-Tap chargers and USB output so it is easy to charge various devices at the same time.

MSDS Report

All camera batteries are assembled from several 18650 batteries packs. The best manufacturers of batteries around the world are Sony, Samsung and Sanyo. In fact, whether it is Samsung or Sanyo’s batteries, all cells will be divided into three levels of A,B and C. The lower the rating, the cheaper the price and of course the worse the performance. Soonwell only purchases the Class A cells form these top manufacturers and is able to provide the manufacturer’s MSDS report. 

On Camera Battery
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