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Flexible LED Mat


Flexible LED light panels have become all the rage recently as they offer efficiency, better performance and ease of installation.

Soonwell flexible LED panels are compact in size, lightweight and easy to install. In our review video, you will see how our LED panels are bing creatively used to create cinematic lighting effect with simple methods.

Flex LED Light Mat

The light quality is very similar to natural window light, and it's simply stunning. The portability of this light is incredibly useful. The ability to power via battery and mains gives you added flexibility.  Makes workflow super easy, barely an inconvenience. 


For our buck, we think the Soonwell FB-21 is a near-perfect solution at the moment. It has the right amount of power to size ratio, it’s portable but also dependable in a set environment, and you can rotate a 1x2 for both key light scenarios as well as top-light or table top shoots.

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