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BLACK FRIDAY  #Free Charger!#


First of all, it is great to have such a device as a possible option for DSLR or mirrorless shooters with their respective camera setups and the constant needs for such powering options. 

There are many third-party battery solutions for compact mirrorless cameras, but this one, in particular, combines powering capabilities and smart design integration that definitely deserves consideration.



Model No. : PH70
Capacity: 70Wh (5000mAh)
Out put:     Voltage:     Max. Current
D-TAP/1      14.8V         
D-TAP/2      14.8V         
USB             5V              MAX. 2.1A
DC/1            12V            MAX. 3A
DC/2             8V             MAX. 3A
Working temperature:  0℃ to 40℃
Size: 72 x 183 x 41 mm
Weight: 623g 
The Max current of the two D-Tap ports are 10A. The D-TAPs are not controlled by the switch button, it will remain in the output stage.
  1. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles before plugging in.

  2. For your safety, do not disassemble this product yourself.

  3. Keep this product away from extreme environments such as rain, moisture,  heat, fire, heavy-dust or vibration.

  4. Please use the product carefully and avoid drops or falls.

1. How long  is the battery runtime  on BMPCC/DSLR camera? ?

Battery Runtime:
For camera only: 4hours.
For camera & wireless video transmitter & follow focus & monitor : 2.5 to 3 hours

2. What camera models/rigs does it support?

It supports all camera rigs that inbuilt 1/4" threaded mounting holes.

3. Does it have pass through charging while shooting?

Yes, the ph70 handle is able to power BMPCC 4K & Wireless video transmitter & Follow focus & Monitor at the same time.

4. Does the handle become hot?

It turns warmer after long time use, however the heat is very much close to human body temperature.

5. How is it charged?

The handle can be charged with any of its D-Tap ports.

You can use Soonwell DC-B  Charger to charge this handle.

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