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PH70 Power Handle Run Time Testing Report

Testing Summary

Project Purpose

Test the full run time for shooting PRORES 422 4K 30P video format on BMPCC 4K camera with only power supply form Soonwell PH70 power handle .

Equipment List

1x PH70 Power Handle

1x BMPCC4K camera

1x SanDisk SD card, writing speed 170MB/S

1x Power meter( Monitor camera current power consumption )

1x Digital timer ( Shooting time record )

1x Canon 5D2 ( Video Record )

Project Environment

Shenzhen City, South China. Temperature: 22℃, normal level humidity, indoor shooting.

Technician Information

Test Technician: Soonwell tech support team

Testing Setup

Camera recording format

PRORES  422   4K DCI  4096*2160  30P

Power port parameters

Real-time power consumption of equipment was 15~17W,voltage was around 7.7V,current was 1.9A~2.3A

Testing Record & Explanation

In the begin: the voltage of D-TAP output was 16.76V (Full voltage 16.8V)

The D-TAP output voltage was 15.99V after 34 minutes , D-tap voltage decline: 12.6%.

The D-TAP output voltage was 15.51V after 1hours & 6 minutes, D-tap voltage decline: 20.6%.

The D-TAP output voltage was 14.19V after 2hours & 26 minutes , D-tap voltage decline:42.6%.

After 3 hours & 46 minutes, the voltage drops to the critical value, the camera maybe shut off very soon.

After 3hours, 46 minutes and 44 seconds, both machine and power meter were shut off. The D-tap port voltage was 9.92V.


The full run time was 3hours & 46minutes.. During this period, the average total power consumption of BMP cc4k camera & power meter was 16W. According to the design capacity 72Wh of Power Handle, 85% of design capacity was usable capacity.             


Soonwell Tech CO.,LTD

Tech support Dep

FB/IG: @soonwellfoto

Mob: +86 18576499911


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