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Product Highlights:

【Flexible & Pliable; Rollable & Lightweight Design】Easy to be shaped in any way for adjustable 360° light spread. Easy to be rolled up and fit into tight-space bag to carry, for travel, transport, storage.

【Powerful LED chips &High CRI】Built with powerful LED chips; LEDs have a high CRI of 95-98.

【Light-Wall & Channel Control  Design】Multiple light mats could be joined together to build a "light wall”, you can control individual or multiple lights by setting up different or same channels in the controller;

【Minimum Heat & Rainproof Design】Minimum heat allows long time working; Rainproof design allows shooting in the rain;

【TWO-WAY Power Source】Light can be powered by AC110V-240V  OR  SOONWELL V-mount battery.



·2.4G wireless remote control (The remote included)
· Wattage:300W

· LEDS:1512pcs 
· Color Temperature:3000K-5600K 
· CRI:>95 
· Operating Voltage:AC-110V-240V 
· Dimming:0-100%Step-less Dimming 
· Beam Angle:10-360° 
· Lux(0.5m/1m/2m): 0.5m:19200; 1m:7540; 2m:2460 
· Weight:Light:1.36KG (3lb); Control Box:3.55KG (7.8lb)
· Size:121cm*61cm (4ft*2ft)


SOONWELL Oversize Flexible LED Light

SOONWELL Flexible LED Mat, once used,

say Goodbye to any light else.

Say Goodbye to heavy light equipment!

Say Goodbye to complicated outside shooting!

Say Goodbye to old school light effects!

The innovative design is to create endless mounting options, providing cinematographers and photographers a versatile lighting system through significant improvements on the existing limitations of lighting equipment, with great advantages of Flexible Pliable Foldable Lightweight Rainproof and Minimal Heat features.

Flexible Light Effects Options

Rolling the 10mm thick mat into any shape with 360° light spread, it can be used in various shooting scenes where most light sources simply can’t, such as butterfly, overhead, wall, ceiling, car, boat, elevator, rounded column, to soften harsh sunlight, or to place in front of a main light source for broad diffusion.

Impressive Shooting Scenes Application

Lightweight design fit into tight-space bag makes it much easier to carry out for travel, transport or storage, even shooting in the rain.

Sizes Options: From 1*1.5ft to 4*2ft, which can be combined multi mats together to create large light wall with integrated velcro and grommets.

Color Options: Day light color, Bi color or RGB color.

Power Options: From 50W to 300W.

Control Mode Options: LCD touch screen, Compatible with DMX 512 or Support RC-3T 2.4G wireless remote control.

Charging Support: 15~24VDC or AC Adapter with the integrated V-mount battery plate.

Dimming: 0-100% for precise light output adjustment.


In The Package:

1× Soonwell FB-42 Flexible LED Light Mat

1× Soonwell Honeycomb Grid Softbox

1× AC Adaptor

1× X-Frame

1× Circuit Control Box

1× Universal Joints

1× Velcro Tape

1× Case with Wheels


SOONWELL FB-42 (4x2 ft) Flex Bi-Color LED Light

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