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SOONWELL Light Para Series Bowens Mount Softbox with Grid



* Fast Setup and Breakdown System

The Light Para series softboxes adopts a fast setup and breakdown design, combined with 16pcs tough and flexible metal ribs. A simply pull or press will realize the install or disassembly.


* Cine-grade Diffusion Fabric and High Reflection Coating

The Light Para softbox adopts cine-grade diffusion material and high reflective coating, 90cm/120cm diameter diffusion surface, smooth shadow transition, and quickly achieve a cinematic soft light effect. The high-performance diffusion material fully retains the original color temperature and CRI of the light, and gives full play to the lighting quality that the lamp should have.


* 3-in-1 Unify Design

Chuck-ribs-diffuser unified in one unit makes the softbox's installation more convenient, and the diffuser won't drop off even being folded, which greatly saves the setup time and improves shooting efficiency.


* Perfect Round Catchlight

The Light Para series softbox adopts a 16-rib exadecagon design, the internal particle reflection is more uniform, and the light-emitting surface is more like a circle, which will be much easier for photographers creating a perfect catchlight.


* Quality Light Control Fabric Grid

The Light Para softbox also comes with a 45​° ​fabric light control grid to help fine tune your soft light in different scenarios.


                                  LP90                                      LP120

Open Size:            ¢90*60cm                                   ¢120*60cm

Folded Size:         78cm*18cm*11cm                    94cm*18cm*11cm

Package Size:      81cm*20cm*20cm                   98cm*20cm*20cm

Net Weight:             2.20kg                                            2.90kg

Package Weight:   2.80kg                                            3.60kg


SOONWELL Light Para Series Bowens Mount Softbox with Grid

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