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Sensei Tube Accessory: ST-B100 Battery Pack

Model: ST-B100

Capacity: 3350mAh/97Wh

Battery Cell: 18650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Output: 29.6V DC, 3A

Input: 33.6V DC, 2A

Charging Port: DC

Charging Status: LED Indicators

Charger Required: Soonwell ST-C1/ST-C2 DC Charger

Full Charge Time: About 2.5 hrs.

Size: 36.8cm*4.0cm*2.3cm

Weight: 492g


ST25---1pcs, up to 4.0hrs max. output working time;

ST50---1pcs, up to 2.0hrs max. output working time;

ST100---2pcs, up to 2.0hrs max. output working time.

Sensei Tube Accessory: ST-B100 Removeable Battery Pack

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