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--Top quality cine-grade diffusion fabric.

--Tough & Flexible stainless steel rods.
--65cm/85cm diameter, Bowens mount.
--Pop-up in seconds.
--Absorbs 1 diffuser, 270° beam spread.
--Comes with a 4-leaf soft barn door to control light radius.
--Use on LED or strobe lights.
--Ideal for use overhead or to raise the ambient illumination level.


                                        L65                                    L85

Open Size:            ¢65cm*55cm                          ¢85cm*70cm

Folded Size:         82cm*18cm*11cm                 109cm*18cm*11cm

Net Weight:         1.50kg                                               1.90kg

Package Size:     84cm*19cm*19cm                 112cm*19cm*19cm

Package Weight:   1.90kg                                            2.45kg


Soonwell L65 L85 Rapid Setup Bowens Mount Lantern Softbox

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